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Chacha Zambrano´s Wildhouse Pictures Becomes A Dominating Force In Pop Culture

Maricel “Chacha” Zambrano is recognized as a power player in the multi-billion dollar music industry.

hacha is undeniably a natural born leader. From an early age her innate talent to materialize ambitious and often seemingly impossible ideas with ease and virtue became evident; Her family and friends witnessed the young and visionary Venezuelan born entrepreneur accomplish her goals through unwavering tenacity, even in the face of colossal personal and professional challenges.

But for her, failure simply was not an option. So Chacha – born Maricel Zambrano – went to work. Her uncompromising work ethic and the almost prodigious way in which the young producer turned chief executive managed to consistently deliver what her peers often categorized as “undoable projects” quickly captured the industry´s attention.

Zambrano saw opportunity where others saw challenges, and she decided to embark on a roller coaster ride that has seen the young and charismatic businesswoman become somewhat of an icon for the latin female business community in recent years.

Chacha Zambrano with international chart-topper J Balvin.

The music industry is perhaps one of the toughest businesses to crack. Hundreds of thousands (if not millions) of creatives, performers and executives have tried and most of them have fallen short; But Maricel didn´t let anything or anyone discourage her: she was on a mission to build a legacy.

In only a few years, her production company Wildhouse Pictures has become the go-to resource for juggernaut record labels and breakthrough talent alike. Chacha has worked with a who´s who of global entertainment A-list stars and helped them reach their most intricate and complex goals through pristine, powerful storytelling.

At Wildhouse, her team resembles a loving family; A devoted group of talented individuals coming together to shape pop culture on a daily basis.

And while the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has certainly complicated daily operations, the bold CEO is optimistic about the future:

“I´m fortunate enough to work with people that never cease to amaze me, inspire and motivate me. Every project is different, and our tailor-made production process serves that purpose; But the most rewarding part of what we do at Wildhouse is the success of the artists and companies that let us tell their stories.” –Zambrano affirms.

Wildhouse Pictures has become the most sought after production company in recent times.

In Miami, everybody knows her. She is loved and respected by the community and has a reputation for being lighthearted and kind, even under stress.

Today, her company has a 90-day waiting list for new projects – and while most of your favorite artists surely have Chacha´s number on speed dial – her warm and approachable nature hasn´t changed one bit. People like Maricel Zambrano are living proof that even the biggest goals can be accomplished, with the right mindset.

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