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How Leading Brand CanaFarma Is Shaping Popular Culture

t is common knowledge amongst business scholars that most brands fail to capture a large enough share of any given market after inception; And with 8 out of 10 new products that hit the market tanking within the first twelve months of launch, becoming visible and relevant enough in an oversaturated global market seems like a futile effort for many executives and entrepreneurs.

Considering the current state of global affairs, where every single major industry has faced unprecedented turmoil, a handful of organizations led by a tenacious new generation of visionary pop culture architects has successfully broken down the model for modern brand building; Case in point: CanaFarma Hemp Products.

The company, which is listed on the Canadian Securities Exchange (CNFA), has been praised by analysts due to its assiduous commitment to superior scientific research and product development, coupled with a savvy brand architecture strategy that has seen Canafarma secure agreements with some of pop culture´s most renowned mainstream heavyweights.

From organic product placement initiatives alongside music superstar Sean Paul to a recent strategic partnership with Foodgod – born Jonathan Cheban- an uber-successful digital trendsetter and pop culture thought leader who wields a special kind of market making public recognition power.

Foodgod has captured a massive following on social media.

Foodgod and CanaFarma will work together to build a line of high-quality hemp oil-infused snack and desert products that meet the highest standards of excellence. CanaFarma's science-based approach to designing and formulating its products will be partnered with Foodgod's unique knowledge of the food industry to deliver premium products under the Foodgod brand in which consumers can have great confidence.

Foodgod (Jonathan Cheban) commented, "I am excited to partner with CanaFarma to execute my vision to create a Foodgod CBD snack and dessert line inspired by the best of Pop Culture, which my audience of millions has grown to expect of the Foodgod brand. Together with CanaFarma, which takes a rigorous and science-based approach to the business, we will meet the highest standards of excellence."

David Lonsdale, CEO of CanaFarma said, "We are delighted to have secured this joint venture partnership with Foodgod and look forward to creating the most exciting brand for CBD products.”

Foodgod, Salif Kagni and investor Gibson Kagni.

The groundbreaking agreement was architected by Gibson Kagni who is an expert brand builder by his own right. Kagni, who became one of the most successful international music producers of his generation, is also a strategic consultant for CanaFarma and a shareholder in the company.

With a forecasted CAGR of 34% the hemp market is projected to reach the 26 billion USD milestone by 2025, making industry leading enterprises like CanaFarma one of the most viable and attractive options for institutional and retail investors alike.

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