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In The Spotlight: How Innovative Hemp Company Canafarma Is Actively Improving People´s Lives

As modern global economies continue to evolve into previously unchartered territories in hopes of successfully servicing a consistently increasing and highly targeted customer demand, a handful of trailblazing companies have effectively positioned themselves at the forefront of what experts affirm is a widespread, multi-generational consumption trend.

When it comes to lifestyle and holistic health options, hemp based products including premium quality CBD tinctures, chewing gum and a full spectrum of consumer favorite products, market leading enterprises like Canafarma Hemp Products, one of the best performing publicly traded companies in the space, have consolidated an unquestionable consumer consensus around their unique and highly refined product offerings.

David Lonsdale, CEO of CanaFarma Corp, says the CBD industry has been experiencing consistent and significant growth over the last few years. Brightfield Group released data that identified a 500% increase of CBD sales from 2018 to 2019, as well as that the market is on track to grow to $23.7 billion through 2023.

This unbiased industry-wide outlook has provided the ideal circumstances for companies like Canafarma to grow through organic, and grassroots movements (no pun intended) as opposed to relying on oversized and often under performing massive marketing efforts.

As current events continue to unfold on a global stage, the executives behind these companies actively explore additional and promising business verticals in keeping with their consumer centric approach.

Canafarma Hemp Products Corp (CSE:CNFA) COO Frank Barone tells The Continental Times the firm is teaming up with private drugs group PharmOps to develop a bioequivalent drug to Hydroxychloroquine amid the coronavirus pandemic. Barone says while there are controversies surrounding Hydroxychloroquine's effectiveness in the fight against coronavirus, he says there is a 'sizable demand' for the product.

In the midst of widespread volatility and disruption, market conditions continue to provide meaningful business opportunities for a handful of forward-thinking entrepreneurs. Is this the beginning of a decade long trend? We´ll just have to wait and see.

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